A whole ecosystem built around a Cross-Chain Play-to-Earn game.

DR swango

GameFi intro

Welcome to Jail Drop. As you step onto the Moon, be sure to bring your protective gear, for this will undoubtedly be a dangerous ‘trip’.

Jail Drop is not just a simple NFT collection, it’s a whole ecosystem built around a Cross-Chain Play-to-Earn gaming experience.

Dr. M.Swang0 might be just one of the many unhinged villains you might encounter on your journey through the Blockchain, but his story will surely captivate you. 



  • Boss Collection: Yakuza Boss with 3333 NFTs supply on ETH and 6666 NFTs supply on SOL 
  • Mint date: 6th of August 2022
  • Yakuza Boss holders will be eligible for: Free Inmate Character SOL: WL for the Italian Mobster Collection and 1 free Italian NFT for holding 5 NFTs ETH: WL for the Italian Mobster Collection and 1 free Italian NFT for holding 3 NFTs
  • 50 % of all royalties from secondary sales will go to holders of the Yakuza Collection
  • Crossplattform staking for the Yakuza NFTs to earn the in-game utility token
  • Cross-platform DAO creation for the Yakuza Collection 
  • Merch for owners of the Yakuza Collection with special surprises for holders and whales
  • Comics


  • Boss Collection: Italian Mobsters
  • 30 % of all royalties from secondary sales go to holders of the Italian Mobster Collection 
  • Cross-platform staking for the Italian Mobster Collection to earn the in-game utility token
  • Cross-platform DAO creation for the Italian Mobster Collection
  • Release of the Game Trailer
  • Alpha Market Place
  • Alpha Game (playable)
  • Pre-sale for holders and investors of the in-game ERC-20 Coin


  • Release & Free Airdrop of the Inmate NFT Prisoners collection to all collection owners: ETH: 1 NFT per 1 Collection NFT SOL: 1 NFT per 3 Collection NFTs
  • Beta game release
  • Beta market place (buy and sell your own materials and gear in game and on chain)
  • Introduction of all materials in order to be able to craft gear
  • Craft System -> players will be able to create gear as NFTs (ERC-1155) 
  • Public-sale for the in-game ERC-20 Coin
  • ERC-20 Coin reward system for all collection holders for staking their NFTs

Phase 4

  • Major League System & Battle Pass
  • Betting League System
  • Integration of new Blockchains
  • Awakening for the Inmates NFTs through injections to evolve
  • Introducing new races with new skills in the game

Boss Collection


Inspiring the New Generation | Be a Boss |


Mint Date 06, AUGUst.

Mint not open yet!


The most influential Bosses

In Dr. M.Swang0s’ prison, you will find 6666 international criminals on the Solana and 3333 like-minded individuals on the ETH Blockchain. A casino will ensure further entertainment, along with play-to-earn games and various other forms of media.

To this day, countless members of the Yakuza, especially those with higher ranks, have fully tattooed bodies. Outsiders spot them by ease due to the hard-earned irezumi that adorn their skin and which are rumored to be a warning to other families.

Irezumi are certainly a curious art form for they are handcrafted, still to this very age, etched into the skin without the use of modern tools. These intricate tattoos take years to complete, for only with rare bamboo or steel-tipped tools can they be made – and the pain they cause to their bearer cause even the most brutal criminals some grief.

Maybe that is why the very first target of the Doctor was a group of people who had all gone through this agony before. After all, they knew what it meant to suffer.

Or perhaps, he just wanted to play around a little that day…








Jail Drop consists of an experienced team with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about the gaming industry.


Join us in this epic journey 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jail Drop is whole ecosystem built towards a unique Cross-Chain Play to Earn fighting game (GameFi).

Cross-Chain solutions will allow different blockchains to come together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
The game itself will be based on Solana.

The Yakuza Boss NFT Collection is a new PFP hand-drawn generative art, where each Yakuza is a unique character living on the ETH & SOL Blockchain. The perks can be found in our Litepaper.

ETH : 3333.
SOL : 6666.

The Yakuza Boss Collection on both Networks will mint on the 6th of August 2022. (Details TBA).
Ethereum: WL: 0.06 ETH | Public sale: 0.08 ETH.
Solana: WL: 1.5 SOL | Public sale: 3 SOL.

We will publish a mint website on launch day where you will be able to mint your Jail Drop NFTs. This will be announced on Discord and Twitter. (For your security only use our official links).

After you have minted, your Jail Drop NFTs will appear in your wallet. 

You can also get your Jail Drop NFT via secondary market on OpenSea and MagicEden.

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